Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Silver Linings

"And as Aaron spoke to the whole community of Israel, they looked out toward the wilderness. There they could see the awesome glory of the Lord in the cloud." Exodus 16:10 

No matter what we're facing, what problems come our way, it is so important for us to look for that perverbial silver lining in the clouds. And, once we've found it - keep looking at it rather than seeing the darkness in the middle. 

Life can be so hard. Satan slithers through this land seeking whom he may devour and it's up to us to hold on to the promises of God and have faith that He will keep us and protect us, bringing us into abundance even though we may not see it yet. 

Search out the promises of God and claim it. Say out loud, "This promise is mine!" The very moment you turn away from unbelief or distrust and believe that His Word is absolute - that you can ahve what it says you can have, the flood gates of faith will open and the Holy Spirit will give you divine strength to withstand the ploys of the enemy. 

"We can never see the sun rise by looking into the west" - Japenese Proverb 

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