Monday, September 3, 2012

You are NOT Crushed!

Be encouraged as you are pressured from every side, I am using all things to draw you closer to Me. My Word will be accomplished, every prophetic Word will come to pass, as this age is drawing to a close. Be not weary in trusting in Me, I will uphold you and preserve you. Your forefathers and the saints of old, longed to see your day. This is the day that my glory will shine brightly, even more as darkness increases. This is the day of My greatness, when My anointing shall rest on all that will yield, the old and the young. Wait, write and be attentive. All things that I have spoken in My Word are accelerating to an end. Stay in a state of readiness. Awaken yourself to My Presence. Do not become overwhelmed by the pressures, you must overpower them by submerging yourself into communion with Me, says the Lord.  ~ Debra Lowe

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